د. سعدون السويح

The Libyan Quagmire

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2017/05/16 على الساعة 10:57
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LIBYAN BROTHER IN EXILE | 20/05/2017 على الساعة 06:10
UN troops to help us bring an end to an endless conflict
Mr Souyeh call for a UN peace keeping force is the right way out for our country's complex conflict. Especially when all the local and regional efforts have failed to find a solution after 6 years of trial and error attempts. The need for a UN militarily intervention is becoming urgent in view of the said situation; since the fighting parties are deaf to reason or peace calls. Taking Mr Ghoma's comment in consideration I suggest that the UN troops be comprised of Arab countries' troops such Jordan and Morocco additional to troops from Malaysia and Pakistan being Muslim countries. The bottom line is to help us bring an end to an endless conflict. There's no strength except in Allah Almighty
عثمان زوبي | 18/05/2017 على الساعة 06:04
It is one way
What Dr. Saddun has proposed is the right thing. The Libyans have shackled themselves in a situation that at best suits “animals” not humans. Six years went by singing ( may god save our beloved Libya) with hypocrite minds and egoistic hearts. Worshipping (the central structure of government) as if it were the system of paradise is a day dream. Why not carry out what have been suggested by Dr. Sadoun, first to bring calm and stability to the country, second to elect the parliament, and third to build well structured “a federal system of government” whereby every province takes its own responsibility to lead his life the way it sees fit. To those who oppose these ideas I say please be for once; honest and sincere.
Observer | 17/05/2017 على الساعة 14:52
What alternative?
Dr. Marghani is raising an interesting point. However, the kind of elections proposed by Dr. Sadun is different. It is to be agreed by Libyans, but brokered by the UN. The newly elected should be a strong one with a strong UN mandate,capable of unifying the country. Alternatively,how feasible is it to reinstate the monarchy and reactivate the constitution?Should there be a UN brokered referendum through which Libyans decide the form of government they want?who will control the army and the militias? No matter what ,as the writer of this interesting article says :the time to save Libya is Now. We should all heed his sincere and patriotic appeal
د. أمين بشير المرغني | 17/05/2017 على الساعة 08:07
No elections please now
We have seen elections three times since 2011, four including municipal elections. In my view all lack clarity as none of the candidates had an election program. The Muslim Brotherhood pretend to be purely a Muslim movement; Jebril's group pretend to reincarnate Saif's Libya Alghadd. Independent candidates were not as independent as they seemed to electorate. The result: a strong Tribal representation. Unfortunately a future election without Party Programs will lead to similar results as in the past. Nobody in his right state of mind wants a military solution. May be the only peaceful solution would be to go back to the 1951 constitution as amended; a crown council effecting change through a program of direct referendums amending the constitution; and a program of reconciliation to facilitate the return of Libyans home. The state can be administered by an interim government solely of Technocrats assisted by the current elected Municipal Councils. No elections now please.
Adel | 16/05/2017 على الساعة 23:37
With all due respect.I think Mr.Ghoma is completely off the mark. He misses completely the point raised by the writer. Dr.Saadun is not asking for a Nato intervention,as was the case in 2011. Ironically,that intervention was supported by many Libyans!The writer just wishes to see general elections held in Libya,under UN observation and international guarantees.He clearly wants all the Libyan stakeholders to commit to the electoral process,with the UN as guarantor for the process,which should be a peaceful exercise in democracy for which many Libyan youth sacrificed their lives. I am sure Mr.Ghoma knows quite well that Libya's independence itself was granted by a UN resolution. I truly wonder what alternative Mr.Ghoma proposes for a country which is on the brink of a catastrophic collapse economically,socially and politically ? May God save our beloved Libya,
Hussein Raiani | 16/05/2017 على الساعة 22:30
I support the call by Mr Saadoun to have the UN help with organizing election in Libya since there are successful precedent where . the UN did manage to do so so in other countries such as Kampuchea and S. AFRICA ...etc, so why not Libya and to those whoabhor the involvement of NATO there could be no need for this organization since the UN does not need to do so since it can done by international observers and UN Peacekeeping Force
Ghoma | 16/05/2017 على الساعة 20:17
Invite the Factions to Come to the Table and Outsiders to Complicate Things Further...?
One of the most used sayings in Arabic literature: "The believer doesn't get stung twice from the same hole!" Now why a well-educated diplomat would invite the UN and its resolutions back again! Had not it done enough the first time? Since the UN doesn't have an army, it will invite NATO again to intervene on its behalf to bring the fighting militias to their knees. NATO is not a construction company but rather a destructive force of tremendous destructive power! They'll destroy the little still remains functioning: infrastructure and all. One wonders what kind of humans the people who still waiting, if not inviting, outsiders to come and solve the problems they themselves have created? Just for a piece of the pie! An ambassadorship on a rocky island, for example! Enough inviting outsiders's intervention and use their skills as diplomats or whatever to bring the squabbling factions to the table! So a a solution can be had. Thanks.
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